HK Tennis Academy
HK Tennis Academy

Action Cricket

Manhattan Indoor Cricket

Location & Times

442 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002

Every Sunday from 1pm-4pm



$20 per participant



What better way to relax on a Sunday afternoon than play cricket and catch up with a bunch of friends or meet new people! Bring coworkers and have a tournament with other companies! Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we provide the best cricket experience for you.


  • Maximum of 4 teams 
  • Each game last for 30 minutes
  • All playing equipment is provided (Just wear something comfortable)
  • 8 players per side
  • 16 overs per game, 8 per side
  • Everyone bowls 2 over
  • Everyone bats for 4 overs
  • Each team has 35 minutes to bowl their overs, upon which the teams will change over
  • Semi final:1-4, 2-3
  • Final


3) Each team must try to wear matching styles and colored tops.
4) A no ball counts as part of the over and incurs a penalty of two runs which is added to the batting.
5) All dismissals incur a FIVE run penalty to the batting pair. A batter is out:
6) A catch may be taken off all boundary netting before the ball touches the playing surface.
7) Each time, must keep track of the own individual score.
8) A "wide" or "leg-side wide" counts as part of the over and incurs a 2 run penalty unless it is the 4th, 8th, 12th or 16th over. The batsmen will be offered to have the ball re-bowled by the umpire. The batters may also cross to score extra runs. Batsman shall only be dismissed off a "wide" or "leg-side wide" by being run out, stumped or by interference. See also penalties. 
9) Three points per win. The highest scoring team at the end of the round robin plays the team with the lowest score in the knock-out stages.